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Bond University English Language Institute (BUELI) offers a variety of courses that will help improve your written and spoken English for everyday use, business use and further university study.

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This course is designed to improve your academic English and study skills so you can enrol in Bond University or other higher education courses in Australia and internationally. The EAP course is a full-time program with incorporating three levels, with each level taking one semester (14 weeks) to complete.

BUELI’s General English is designed to improve your English skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar for every day usageClasses are available at six levels graded from Beginner to Advanced, with each level lasting 10 weeks.

Business English is designed to teach you how to communicate more effectively in a professional environment. This course will improve your business English language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

This course covers language relating to teamwork, the office, communication, corporate hospitality, company structures and systems, buying and selling, customer service, travel and conference meetings, reporting results, health and safety, marketing, presentations, jobs and careers.

BUELI welcomes educational and professional study groups to its campus all year round. We offer a range of flexible short term programs and study tours which we can customise to create a unique curriculum that meets your group’s specific needs.

Bond University pathways consist of Bond College University Preparation and Foundation Programs, Bond University higher education Diplomas and the Bond University English Language Institute.

Improve your chances of achieving a higher IELTS score. IELTS preparation is included as part of our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program and in the higher levels of General English.

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